Wounded Warriors Family Support

Year Founded:



11218 John Galt Blvd, Ste 103
Omaha, NE 68137



Top Leadership Pay:

CEO and President Kathryn McCauley, $111,975








Based on its 2022 tax return, we calculate that Wounded Warriors Family Support Foundation spent 89.3 percent of its $3.8 million budget on programs and 10.7 percent on overhead. This meets our recommendation that a charity spend at least 75 percent of its budget on programs.

Wounded Warriors Family Support filed one transaction with interested persons. Ashlie Muller, daughter of the CEO, is employed by the charity as a business manager and was paid $63,142 in 2022. Additionally, Karli McCauley, daughter of the CEO, is employed by the charity as administrative support and was paid $41,569 in 2022. Read more about our rating system here.

We did not detect any issues with Wounded Warriors Family Supp9ort when screening the organization. Read more about our rating system here.

Mission Statement

Wounded Warriors Family Support serves to provide better quality of life to wounded soldiers and their families and to the families of soldiers killed in combat. This is done through a number of legacy programs designed to provide opportunities to bond and be stronger individual families. WWFS provides Family Retreats to wounded veterans and their families as a means to heal and reconnect with their loved ones in a low-stress environment.