United Veterans Beacon House Inc.

Year Founded:



1715 Union Blvd
Bayshore, NY 11706



Top Leadership Pay:

President and CEO Frank Amalfitano, $157,192








Based on its 2022 tax return, we calculate that United Veterans Beacon House Inc. spent 90.7 percent of its $8.6 million budget on programs and 9.3 percent on overhead. This meets our recommendation that a highly recommended charity spend at least 90 percent of its budget on programs.

United Veterans Beacon House Inc. filed one transaction with interested persons. $140,741 was paid to Frank Bono, a board member, for rental of property.

We did not detect any issues with United Veterans Beacon House Inc. when screening the organization. Read more about our rating system here.

Mission Statement

Beacon House provides housing in 52 locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. On any given day, over 550 men, women and children from the tri-state area benefit from programs that address homelessness, physical disabilities, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury, mental health issues and addiction.

For those in need of housing, Beacon House places each person or family in a home and program that best supports their individual needs. Of the 50 housing locations, 25 homes are for veterans only – one of which is dedicated exclusively to female veterans.