Video Contest

The Problem
Almost a billion dollars a year is donated to veterans groups that are not rated very highly when it comes to program services, efficiency, and overhead. Much of that money never makes it to veterans and their families in need. This money could be directed to the many veteran groups that do use donations efficiently and effectively.

What You Can Do
Produce a 60-second video/commercial that highlights this problem and education of donors.  (You can see an example video here).

If a video is submitted that in our sole opinion is worthy of being shown on national cable TV the winning video producer will win $2,000 dollars, and their video will be shown on national television. More importantly, the winning producer will know that they are helping American Veterans get the help they deserve.

60-second video should be HD quality and in a 16:9 horizontal aspect ratio. Frame rate should be 24fps. Producer should own or have the rights to all footage used in the video. Winning entry is required to transfer copyright rights of the video to the RAM Foundation and Charities for Vets. Videos must be submitted by September 30th. Winner announced by October 31st.